Advice for the cosmetically inclined

If you’re thinking about pursuing a cosmetic treatment for yourself, make sure to:

Ask yourself “Why?”

“And be honest,” advised Schimpf. “It has to be for you and the goal has to be to make you feel better about yourself. Having a procedure to impress someone else or make someone else happy will never make you happy.”

Find a reputable doctor you trust

Yes, you could go to a random dentist and have Botox done with a Groupon, but why not carefully research doctors first? Seek care from a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon who will prioritize your care.

“You want to go to someone who can say ‘This is best for you,’ not ‘This is best for me,’” said Matarasso. “Plastic surgeons are trained as much as heart surgeons.”

Besides cosmetic procedures, many also perform complex procedures like breast cancer reconstruction and pediatric birth defects.

Be specific about what you want to be different

Don’t assume any surgeon knows what you mean by “better skin” or “smaller breasts.”

“By understanding what you’re seeing and hoping to improve, the surgeon can hopefully match a procedure that’s safe, as well as one that meets your desired goals,” Schimpf said.

Be realistic

Doctors “aspire to an improvement over baseline, not a shortfall from perfection,” said Devgan. “Plastic surgery is medicine, not magic.”

And if you #loveyourself, you should be totally fine with that.


Source from: Healthline,