RSA 6th Webinar Call for Abstracts

RSA Webinar – Grab the chance to submit the Abstract

Dear all plastic surgeons,

How are you doing?

Pleased to introduce RSA educational activities.

Rhinoplasty Society of Asia is Asia’s leading rhinoplasty organization consisting of 10 Asian countries.

RSA has been conducting bi-monthly webinars for rhinoplasty education for plastic surgeons in Asia over five times.

Each webinar is more and more heated with the participation of many doctors.

RSA is preparing a master class lecture by inviting Rod J. Rohrich this coming September.

Prior to that, the July webinar will be held on July 31st on the topic of Idea and innovation.

We would like to receive free papers from plastic surgeons who want to present their own rhinoplasty know-how or experience. After reviewing the submitted free paper by the Educational Committee, we would like to give 4-5 surgeons a chance to present it.

I am sure that this presentation will be an opportunity to introduce their experiences, share them with other Asian plastic surgeons, and achieve an active exchange of opinions.

The submission deadline is July 10, 2021.

Below I have attached the submission form, please write the content of your presentation on one A4 sheet of paper, including drawings or photos, and text.

Submit to:

Regunathan Villanayer, M.D.
President of RSA

Man-Koon Suh, M.D.
Secretary General of RSA

Sung-Wan Park, M.D.
Treasurer and Vice EC Chair of RSA